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The New Democratic Party Socialist Caucus steering committee, representing hundreds of party members from coast to coast, voted unanimously last night to advance a joint team of socialist candidates for NDP Executive and Federal Council, headed by Jessa McLean for Federal NDP President.

Jessa McLean, the president of York-Simcoe NDP and twice an NDP candidate for Parliament, enjoys the endorsement of Courage, Democratic Socialists of Canada, Justice Internationale and MP Niki Ashton. McLean is backing the Socialist Caucus candidates for over 20 positions on the party executive, and the SC is backing her, and her associate Gabriel Masi for Youth Chair.


This is the first united socialist slate of candidates in the NDP in decades. The current convergence of leftist activists is actuated by a common desire for greater democracy and a commitment to socialist policies and grassroots organizing within the party.

The united socialists stand for public ownership of industries, an uncompromising Green New Deal, Land Back for Indigenous Peoples, De-funding the Police, Free Post-Secondary Education, Free Transit, Universal Childcare, Abolishing Billionaires, Rent Freezes during the Pandemic, as well as a major crackdown on polluters, tax evaders, and bad bosses. They stand in solidarity with Palestine, for boycott, divestment and sanctions against the Zionist apartheid state, and demand Canada Out of NATO, and Hands Off Venezuela.


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