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The Socialist Caucus is forging a team of candidates for Federal NDP Executive and Council at the 2016 Convention in Edmonton. The campaign is generating momentum throughout the country.

We are inviting NDP members who share our values to join our election team. We are counting on the support of members who want to build a more democratic party that fights for socialist policies.  We especially invite women, people of colour, First Nations, youth and others from equity-seeking groups to join our campaign team.

Our candidates have decades of experience fighting for social justice, equity and democracy within their communities, throughout our country and even the world. Some of them have been proud members of the NDP since the 1960s, others have ran as candidates, and of course, all have donated to and worked tirelessly on dozens of electoral campaigns for the NDP.

They all share a common goal: to create a more democratic, participatory NDP that allies itself with social justice movements and working people to build a cooperative commonwealth.

If you are interested in joining the Team for Democracy and Socialism in the NDP, please contact us.


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