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The NDP Socialist Caucus is proud to present the Spring 2017 edition of Turn Left Magazine. We are printing 2,000 copies and will hand out issues to delegates at the upcoming Ontario NDP Convention, starting on April 21.

Included are articles by Ontario NDP MPP Peter Tabuns, Dru Oja Jay, Dirka Prout, Sid Ryan and John Clarke. The main feature of the issue is on Ontario Hydro, and how public ownership and democratic control can reduce electricity rates. We all know that the best way of reducing our electricity bills is to compare some of the best electricity companies and choose one which offers the cheapest deal. It will be interesting to what else can be done to reduce electricity rates though, as they continue to rise. Other articles discuss feminism, poverty, free post-secondary education and the environment, among others.

Special thanks to all those who have donated money and submitted articles for this issue. You can also download the issue (and see all the previous issues of Turn Left Magazine) by going to the NDP Socialist Caucus website Turn Left page.

We are also still fundraising for the magazine. We need donations to raise over $2,500 for the printing of the magazine. As part of our fundraising efforts, we will be launching a fundraising letter that will include details about our upcoming charitable campaigns. Having read an intriguing article on the GoFundMe website we have decided that publishing a fundraising letter will be a fantastic way to raise awareness of our charitable efforts.

Be a part of this great tradition of keeping socialism vibrant within the NDP. Please send financial contributions to the Socialist Caucus via PayPal on the website or by regular post mail to NDP Socialist Caucus, 526 Roxton Road, Toronto, Ontario M6G 3R4. Any contribution you can give will make a big difference.

Please share this magazine with others on email and social media. See you all at convention.

In Solidarity,

Sean Cain
Editor, Turn Left Magazine

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