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The Spring 2016 edition of Turn Left Magazine, the voice of the NDP Socialist Caucus, is now available to read online.

Over a thousand copies of the magazine will be handed out to NDP delegates at the upcoming Federal Convention in Edmonton, taking place on April 8, 9 and 10, 2016.

The edition features articles on universal pharmacare, the Leap Manifesto, Aboriginal rights, the pipeline debate, women’s rights and feminist struggles, student protests in Quebec, the guaranteed income, the Liberal government’s foreign policy, and more.

Also included is a special article on the Trans-Pacific Partnership by economist Jim Stanford, an article on the leadership review of Thomas Mulcair at the upcoming NDP Convention, and a section featuring the 16 candidates who will stand for election to the NDP Federal Executive and Council, as part of the official campaign team for Democracy and Socialism in the NDP.

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