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Below are the resolutions approved by the Federal Socialist Caucus following a series of online meetings, beginning in December 2022, and continuing through May 2023. There are many brand new resolutions in the mix, as well as several re-written ones, all of which address issues that go to the heart of the struggles, sufferings and concerns of the working class and our social allies.

Please present these resolutions (the first 13 are considered by the SC to be priorities), to the next meeting of your local NDP electoral district association, youth club, and/or affiliated union for adoption.

Ask your local organization to submit as many of them as possible, as soon as possible, to the federal NDP for debate and vote at the October 13-15, 2023 NDP federal Convention, to be held in Hamilton, Ontario.

Download the Resolutions Here

Téléchargez les résolutions ici

The more organizations that endorse these resolutions, as presently worded, the more likely it is that they will come to the Convention floor for debate and vote. Delegates will be afforded an opportunity to rank motions according to personal preference. The SC encourages folks to rank Socialist Caucus Resolutions at the top of each subject category.

We will be very active at the mics advocating for policies and amendments that best advance the interests of the exploited and oppressed, fighting always for peace, justice, party democracy and the socialist transformation of society.

The SC continues to work with allies across the party to demand that the next convention be hybrid (online and in-person), despite the decision of the federal party director that it will be in-person only, thus depriving many delegates of voice and vote access to the gathering due to physical and/or economic obstacles.

Finally, the Socialist Caucus will be running a slate of Socialist candidates for the NDP Executive, if you would like to join the SC team of candidates, or have further questions or applications of interest, please contact the Socialist Caucus at 647-986-1917 or e-mail [email protected].

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