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Dear Sarah,

The NDP Socialist Caucus in Ontario congratulates you on your resounding electoral victory, winning with 54 per cent of the votes cast, on March 16 in Hamilton Centre.

Socialist Caucus members are proud to have been part of your election campaign team that mobilized hundreds of activists to soundly defeat the big business anti-working class parties.

We offer you our ongoing support as you now take the fight for Hamilton workers and the oppressed to Queen’s Park. We agree with your stated immediate priorities: fighting Doug Ford’s privatization of health care, the threatened destruction of the green-belt, and the further erosion of access to affordable housing.

Socialist Caucus members will be firm allies in the “fight for the soul of the party” as you once put it. We pledge to accelerate the campaign to democratize and mobilize the NDP as an anti-capitalist party that consistently fights for the interests of the working class and the oppressed.

We stand with anti-racist and human rights activists, inside and outside the NDP, in applauding your courage in the face of an orchestrated smear campaign by those who attempt to silence people who defend Palestinian rights. Solidarity knows no boundaries.

Your friend and comrade,

Tom Baker

Cc. NDP Socialist Caucus Steering Committee

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