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Please ask your local NDP Electoral District Association, ND Youth club and affiliated unions to discuss and adopt the following resolution as soon as possible.

Whereas Article V of the Federal New Democratic Party Constitution (2018 edition) states that the federal convention is to be held at least every two years.

And whereas the Federal Council has a duty to determine the exact dates and location; it has no authority to extend the duration between conventions beyond two years; nor does the Council enjoy any residual powers or general powers clause to permit such tinkering.

And whereas NDP conventions usually make a profit, and in any case, bring party activists together, assess the financial, staffing and political situation, and help to mobilize the general membership.

And whereas conventions give members an opportunity to refresh the program of the party — better to reflect the needs of working families, to fight the depredations of Neo-liberalism and climate disaster, and oppose the poisonous effects of Canadian imperialism abroad, such as the sanctions imposed on Venezuela, along with Ottawa’s support for the right wing coup in Bolivia and the shipment of Canadian weapons to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Therefore Be It Resolved that this meeting express its objection to the postponement/cancellation of the NDP federal convention, and ask that the NDP federal convention take place in 2020, in accordance with the party Constitution.

Demand an NDP Federal Convention in 2020

Sisters and Brothers, Comrades,

As you can see below, Svend Robinson and Jon Aston have sounded the alarm. The NDP federal council raised the party’s democratic deficit significantly by imposing a long delay of the next mandated federal NDP convention. The move denies the need to assess critically the campaign that saw the NDP lose 500,000 votes and 20 seats, and to discuss policies for the next campaign, in a timely fashion.

This outrageous attack on the rights of NDP members deserves a swift and massive protest.

The Socialist Caucus asks you now to send a message to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, to the party executive and to the national office, to demand that the federal council decision be reversed and that an NDP convention occur in 2020, as required by the federal constitution.

In solidarity,

Barry Weisleder
Chair, NDP Socialist Caucus

Letter sent by Jon Aston, President Newmarket-Aurora NDP

Dear Jagmeet:

I’ve just read the following statement, attributed to Svend Robinson:

“Democracy alert! Last Federal NDP Convention was in February 2018. NDP Constitution requires next Convention in 2020. This week Federal Council ignored the Constitution and delayed beyond 2020, potentially to 2022. Grassroots members’ voice on policy and leadership ignored. NDP Federal Council members owe an answer to members: How can they ignore our Party Constitution on this important issue? Fundraising challenges and previous unconstitutional delays cannot justify this lack of respect for party members.”

Democracy within our party needs to be strengthened, not undermined. I implore you to use your significant influence as leader, to put a stop to this nonsense at once. New Democrats across this country expect our voices to be heard, at Convention, in 2020.

Yours Emphatically,

Jon Aston, President
Newmarket-Aurora NDP

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