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From Hans Modlich
Former Educational Director Beaches East York
Steering Cttee Member NDP Socialist Caucus

Dear Jagmeet,

On Monday evening, I was among an amazing three to four thousand protesters who joined an emergency march in Toronto against Canada’s complicity in Israel’s assault on Rafah.

It must have been at least my twelfth time to do so. Despite my 80 years, I saw the crowd swell, take over the busiest intersection at Yonge and Bloor and then proceed south on Yonge Street by the thousands, on a workday evening – with a co-operative police escort and no incidents whatsoever. I myself made it as far as the Wellesley Street intersection and bowed out.

Who were these amazingly persistent fellow protesters? Seniors, like myself. On balance, the majority were women and youth, and evenly split among the multi-racial mosaic of this metropolis.

But whose political constituents are they — really – but our very won? And you are spitting into their faces! How shortsighted can you get?

You had demarcated yourself from the old line parties — reluctantly by calling for a ceasefire — finally, after sensing the mood of the rank and file at the October Hamilton Convention, of which I was a vocal delegate.

But why then join with the increasingly discredited pro-Zionist lobby chorus? Are you deliberately trying to antagonize your very own voting base?

During the protest, so-called “Spiderman for Palestine” and another individual climbed atop scaffolding in front of an entrance to Mount Sinai Hospital to waive a Palestinian flag, as they did at numerous other spots along the march, and it proceeded without a pause.

Were they perhaps trying to draw attention to the absolutely horrific conditions in the few remaining Gaza hospitals? Or the amputations of children, performed without anesthetics, antibiotics, prone to reinfection due to lack of elemental sanitation, food and water?

Perhaps, Jagmeet, you could have posted a contrast about this genocidal outrage?

Sadly, your post on X that “Mount Sinai Hospital was targeted because of its ties to the Jewish community” is absolutely baseless. In fact, your statement perpetuates anti-Palestinian racism as it distracts from the 1.5 million desperate people Israel is currently terrorizing in Rafah. As you well know, Israel has killed more than 12,000 Palestinian children and you continue to take your cues from those in Canada promoting this slaughter, including the notorious extremist Jewish Defense League’s Meir Weinstein, a Kahanist, banned as a terrorist organization, even in Israel!

It’s beyond shameful. And politically it is absolutely stupid.

You must immediately remove your post smearing Monday’s pro-Palestine demonstration.


Hans Modlich
Former Educational Director Beaches East York
Steering Cttee Member NDP Socialist Caucus

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