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The SC demands that a new election for leader be held as soon as possible, without financial or other barriers to the participation of any ONDP member who wishes to run for leader.

Most leadership elections in the labour-based NDP, since its foundation in 1961, were conducted without rules that exclude low-income working people and NDP members. The Ontario race held in 2022 was an uncontested farce, held in the wake of the leadership race in the BC NDP where a leading Eco-socialist candidate, Anjali Appadurai, was disqualified and the other candidate, an NDP Cabinet minister, was acclaimed. This is plainly unacceptable.

The Question on the Ballot, January 28 through February 4, 2023 will be:

Do you wish to elect Marit Stiles leader of the Ontario NDP?

The Socialist Caucus, the organized left wing in the NDP, says Vote NO.

Demand democracy in the ONDP.

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