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The meeting was called to order at 12:05 p.m. Eastern time, on December 10, 2022. Presentation of the Indigenous Land Acknowledgment.

Barry Weisleder volunteered to chair. Agreed. Trevor Cook was nominated and agreed to be secretary. Wali Abro agreed to be time keeper, with Chris Zapisocky assisting.

Reports presented by Socialist Caucus leaders in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

SC Plans for the NDP Federal Convention in October 2023, Hamilton, Ontario.

Policy Resolutions:

Lengthy discussion. Priority issues: Climate, Democracy in the NDP, NATO and war, and Cost of Living/Inflation. Other issues to be addressed: Housing Prices, Palestine freedom, Indoor Air Quality, Remove the Powers of the NDP Top Brass, Why Banks do not loan money to government, and One Member One Vote.

Gary Porter moved that the SC establish a committee to work on resolutions, old and new, and to report to an SC conference in February. Motion seconded and carried unanimously. Several comrades volunteered to draft or update existing SC resolutions on the above topics.

Members of the Resolutions Committee:

Gary Porter (coordinator), Barry W., Wali A., Flo Schade, Mark Lister, Sara Anthony, Helen Glavina, Trevor Cook, Shiam Abdelaal, Kyle Keith, Quinlan Jones, Rosemary Hnatiuk, and Elizabeth Lee.

Kristine W. volunteered to draft a letter and a petition to demand that the NDP federal convention be hybrid (both in-person and online). SC members of NDP Federal Council and the SC chairperson to sign the letter, which will be made public if there is no satisfactory and timely response from the Federal NDP Executive.

Socialist Caucus Candidates for Federal NDP Executive and for Equity Seeking Committee co-chairs, a preliminary list:

President: Not filled yet.

Vice-President: Shiam Abdelaal

Vice-President Labour: Chris Z.?

Treasurer: Gary Porter

Regional Representatives below:

British Columbia: Flo Schade and Stephen Crozier

Alberta: Chris Zapisocky

Saskatchewan: Not filled yet.

Manitoba: Not filled yet.

Ontario: Barry Weisleder

Atlantic: Victor Morgan

Participation of Women Committee: Kristine Wickner?

LGBT: Alex Levesque

New Democratic Youth: Not filled yet.

Racial Justice and Equity: Beau Duquesnay

Aboriginal Committee: Not filled yet.

Persons Living with disAbilities: Not filled yet.

Northern Caucus (Yukon, NW Territories and Nunavut): Not filled yet.

2 from Labour affiliates elected by Labour caucus at convention: Not filled yet.

Federal MP’s Caucus rep: Not filled yet.

Become a delegate through EDA, union or assigned surplus credentials.

Report by Sean Cain, editor of Turn Left magazine:

Articles welcome before August 1. Aim to print 3,000 copies and post PDF version. Need to raise $3,000+.

Moved to add the following members to the Socialist Caucus federal steering committee: Helen Glavina, Ricardo Garez, Alanna Johnston, Quinlan Jones, Chris Lawrence, and Wali Abro. Carried unanimously.

Kristine Wickner moved to establish an Organizing Committee with a mandate to recruit to the Socialist Caucus, to intervene at the NDP federal convention with SC candidates and policies, and to make a united front approach to outside groups. The motion was seconded, and carried unanimously.

Members of the Organizing Committee:

Kristine Wickner (coordinator), Chris Lawrence, Kyle Keith, Gary Porter, Barry Weisleder, Quin, Tom Baker, Alex L., Marianne C., Chris Z., Flo Schade and Mason Fitzpatrick.


With thanks to all, the conference adjourned at 3:45 p.m. Eastern time.

Socialist Caucus Sub-Resolutions Committee on January 9, 2023. 9 pm Eastern Time.

Next NDP Socialist Caucus Federal Conference: February, 2023. Date and time to be determined.

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