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1. Call to order at 12:15 p.m. by Socialist Caucus Treasurer Elizabeth Byce, in the chair.

2. The chair stated recognition of the fact that the meeting was taking place on Indigenous territory. She asked everyone to rise and observe a moment of silence to honour the recently departed leader of revolutionary Cuba, Fidel Castro Ruz, and also the female victims of the Montreal Massacre of 1989.She later noted that meetings of the Socialist Caucus, in cooperation with Momentum, were taking place on the same day in St. John’s NL and Vancouver, BC.

3. The chair outlined the agenda, which met with approval.

4. Jason Baines of NDP Momentum introduced keynote speaker Michael Chessum from the British Labour Party and the campaign that elected Jeremy Corbyn BLP Leader twice.

5. Michael Chessum spoke for about 40 minutes, giving an excellent overview of the crisis in British society, economics and political life that gave rise to mass protests and a resurgence of radicalism in the Labour Party. His talk was followed by questions and comments from the floor. This segment concluded with a standing ovation. Video of the proceedings is posted on the SC website.

6. NDP Federal Leadership Race, with an introduction by SC co-chair Barry Weisleder. Extensive discussion followed. Moved/Carried (voting in favour were all present, minus one) That the Socialist Caucus and Momentum officially endorse the Draft Sid Ryan website platform and campaign.

7. Ontario NDP Convention, April 2017

New resolutions submitted by members: Work Hours, Welfare, Childcare (amended to $5 per day childcare programme), Guaranteed Annual Income (defeated), and Shorten the Work Week to share the available work.

Old resolutions re-affirmed, except as follows:

Moved/Carried #3 Raise the Minimum Wage was amended, to replace $17/hour, to “60 per cent of the average worker’s wage (presently $18.60 in Ontario).
Moved/Carried Delete #7 on U.S. Steel.
Moved/Carried Delete #17 Election of Leader by Convention Delegates.
Moved/Carried Amend #23 Fair Trade by adding “CETA, TPP” to list of deals to be opposed or abrogated.
Moved/Carried To move the Childcare resolution up, to be among the first seven resolutions in the package.

NDP Socialist Caucus / NDP Momentum Candidates for ONDP Executive

President – Julius Arscott
Vice-Presidents (3+3) – Barry Weisleder, Guy Fogel, Jason Baines, Valerie Lamb.
Treasurer – John Orrett
Executive Officers At-Large (3+3) – Peter D’Gama, Mitchell Shore, Tom Baker, Dirka Prout, Michelle Duku.

Regional Caucuses (2 co-chairs each)

Metro – Konstantin Goulich
Central – John Orrett
West Central – Tom Baker
East –
South West –
North –

Special Section and Equity Committees

Ethnic – Peter D’Gama
Disability –
Women’s Committee –
LGBT – John Wilson

8. Turn Left magazine – editor Sean Cain led this item.
Theme for next edition? No decision, but ideas offered did include: Re-nationalize Hydro – “Power to the Workers!” TL needs writers, and especially articles in French. Articles should stress solutions, not just the problems experienced under capitalism. Issues mentioned included housing, hydro rates, union recognition, minimum wage. Fund raising goal is $3,000.

9. Socialist Caucus Steering Committee, additions to both the Ontario and Federal SC steering committees included: Mitchell Shore, Graham Jordan, Dirka Prout and Michelle Duku.

Socialist Caucus Steering Committee officers:

Co-chairs – Barry Weisleder
Treasurer – Elizabeth Byce
Communications Director – Sean Cain
Youth Director – Graham Jordan
Women’s Director – Dirka Prout
Secretary – Peter D’Gama
Policy Director – John Orrett
Membership Director – Julius Arscott

10. Other business

Singing of the Red Flag and the Internationale. Adjournment at approx. 4:30 p.m.

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