In the Fall of 2016, left wing activists in the NDP launched an independent campaign to draft Sid Ryan to run for Leader of the federal NDP. The campaign team posted a 17 point socialist policy platform to serve as the basis for his candidacy, and to influence all registered candidates in the race.

For personal reasons, Sid decided on April 26, 2017 not to run. We respect his decision. Still, the need for socialist leadership and a new direction for the NDP is urgent. To advance that prospect, we pledge to question and challenge the registered candidates to state clearly where they stand on the 17 issues identified below. Based on the responses we get, the campaign team will seriously consider and decide whether to support one or none of the contenders.

At the same time, we will continue to protest the undemocratic entry fees and rules imposed by NDP officials that unduly restrict who can run for federal Leader.

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