New Brunswick NDP Goes Forward

By Barry Weisleder Efforts to rebuild the New Brunswick New Democratic Party as a socialist, labour-based, working class party made considerable progress at a convention held at the Lions Club [...]

Singh Sells Out for Liberal Sunny Ways

By Gary Porter and Barry Weisleder, members of the NDP Socialist Caucus federal steering committee NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh found a way to avoid a federal election, and to gain a vague promise of [...]

Stop the War in Ukraine

From the NDP Socialist Caucus Steering Committee: Socialists oppose all wars, except the class war. Workers and the poor, women and children are the first and foremost victims of war, while a [...]

Left Unity Rises in the BC NDP

By Garry Porter The British Columbia New Democratic Party (BC NDP) Convention, held online December 11-12, met against a backdrop of capitalist catastrophes that are more frequent, more severe [...]